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波特兰社区学院 | LEED Silver | Photo: PCC Sustainability


USGBC provides sustainability solutions to transform your existing campus buildings and infrastructure and supports pathways to earning professional credentials, helping prepare 学生 for careers in green building and LEED.

Transform your existing campus buildings and infrastructure

Show leadership in green building and operations.

Implement green building policies and strategies

Green campuses reduce the environmental impact of buildings and grounds, 对健康有积极影响, and prepare 学生 to be global sustainability citizens. 高等教育 institutions are committing to sustainability and climate neutrality on a daily basis. 高等教育 institutions can use rating systems like LEED, Parksmart, 同行, 网站, 真正的 and WELL certification to further improve facility, infrastructure and site performance by. 访问 开始学习更多.

Use the Campus Implementation 工作簿

工作簿 helps you create a green existing buildings program, implement the LEED for Building Operations and Maintenance rating system at the campus and building level, and establish a culture of performance.

Streamline certification with LEED Campus

指导文档 supports higher education campuses by providing a more efficient and streamlined certification process for multiple LEED projects on campus.

Learn how to incorporate sustainability rating systems into campus planning and operations


Integrate sustainability into your curriculum—by starting at Pre-K through higher education, we can prepare 学生 for careers in sustainability.

人人共建绿色建筑. 把这些课程推广到你的 学生 who receive free access with a USGBC account.
USGBC offers individual and enterprise subscriptions to support classroom instruction and student learning. 这 online platform features more than 1000 hours of green building and sustainability education. 的 growing library includes best-in-class courses and resources to expand your green building knowledge and fulfill continuing education for LEED专业认证, 友邦保险, 和其他人. Find out what’s included in the education platform and explore the three subscription options for post-secondary instruction, including an all access pass for faculty, 教职员及学生.
使用一个 课程工具包 提高你的课程. Access curated resources and processes, organized to help teach and engage 学生 in the concepts of sustainability.
Prepare your 学生 for the LEED绿色协会会员 Exam
使用这个 学习计划 to prepare to teach a LEED绿色协会会员 prep course. 的 syllabus can be expanded for a full academic term. Educators and 学生 receive special pricing on the LEED绿色副研究包是备考的重要资源. Interested in having your institution serve as a 测试网站? 联系 GBCI to inquire what is available for post-secondary institutions.
Incorporate the Green Classroom Professional Certificate
GCP证书课程 provides pre K-12 educators and school staff with the knowledge to identify what supports or impedes healthy, resource-efficient and environmentally sustainable learning spaces. 这 certificate program can be incorporated into the curriculum to help integrate the concepts of sustainability into pre-service k - 12教育 programs. It also serves as a great resource for post-secondary instructors and staff who are working in learning environments.
LEED实验室 is a multidisciplinary immersion course that utilizes the built environment to educate and prepare 学生 to become green building leaders and sustainability-focused citizens. In the course 学生 assess the performance of existing facilities on campus and choose a building where they will facilitate the LEED for Building Operations and Maintenance (LEED O+M) process with the goal of certifying the facility. 在学期结束时, the 学生 are prepared to sit for the LEED AP O+M professional credential exam.
发现绿色职业资源 for your 学生
USGBC is committed to supporting the growing green jobs market, to ensure that people who are passionate about sustainability can apply their skills and talents to a rapidly changing workforce. 利用这些 绿色职业资源 in your courses and when advising 学生.
Tell your 学生 to join our global 社区
建议你的学生加入 USGBC学生 社区. 的 USGBC学生 社区 is the most wide-ranging group of 学生 of all ages working together to sustain our future. USGBC学生 have access to the largest network of sustainability professionals around the world, as well as opportunities to network and volunteer with local 社区 groups.

USGBC is committed to supporting the growing green jobs market, to ensure that people who are passionate about sustainability can apply their skills and talents to a rapidly changing workforce. 发现绿色职业资源